Tools suggested for DOPPSTADT



  • Comb tooth fitting on Doppstadt slow speed shredders of the DW series.
  • Made out of wear resistant steel.
  • Severe duty version with KingGrit™ hardfacing.
  • Application : for all grinding applications. 


KFS 460

  • Standard hammer.
  • High quality carbide makes this hammer last longer.
  • Recommended for hard material.


KFS 461

  • Standard « heay duty » hammer  with standard carbide AND additional carbide-protection.
  • Unbeatable lifetime by additional carbide.
  • Recommended for hardwood, logs and stumps.



KFS 462-P

  • Hammer with carbide hardfacing.
  • Recommended for contaminated materials.
  • Most resistant hammer available. 




KFS 466

  • Wedge for all hammer types.
  • Provides better holder protection.
  • Made of high-quality steel.


KHS 1005

  • Holder fitting on Doppstadt AK-Series.


DW-3060 Orca System

  • Hammer and holder for DW-3060 model.

All items of Doppstadt shown on this page are not OEM parts.


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