The Orbit screens are interesting for separating various materials. The main feature is the orbital action which combines the forces of the centrifugal machine, the gravity and the separation of particles in a simple machine. During the rotation of the mixture using a screen, the large particles go back up to the surface of the screen and fall through the upper lip, while the small particles drop to the bottom and go through the screen in a continuous and productive process. The Orbit screens are easy to carry with a pickup truck and are also easy to install on site.   Brochure



Mixers FECON® are multifunctional and versatile equipment which can be used for a wide range of materials and applications, including the coloring of mulch (Rainbow Mulch Coloring), the preparation of the coating liquid salts of roadway system (Road Salt Mixer) or the mixture of organic matters.
The mixers can be configured to operate continuously or sequentially for different applications. Their systems are easily adjustable to reach the ideal speed of mixture and to obtain the desired mixture quality. We also have the conveyers of stacking which have the function to increase the heights of stacking or to feed a secondary operation.
The mixers used for the coloring of mulch (Rainbow Mulch Coloring) are outfitted with a system of pumps which automatically introduces the ratio of water and dye. The liquid dye is vaporized on the straws through a set of pulverizing bars making it possible to obtain an uniform coloring with high quality and the desired intensity of color.
The mixers used for the preparation of the salt coating of roadway system (Road Salt Mixer) also use a system of pumps and a set of systems of pulverizing bars to improve the salt’s quality  under frozen conditions. An option which could be added for the tank of the salt mixer is the stainless steel lining.
The mixer can also be used to create uniform mixtures of organic matters, ventilation of compost or to decontaminate the grounds. Brochure


     Excavator Power Pack

FECON ® offers a wide range of hydraulic power units for your excavator.  A hydraulic power unit is a dedicated power source for any application where more hydraulic power is desirable. A 12-ton excavator equipped with a BHP170 can develop more power than a 30-ton excavator, while preserving all the advantages of a smaller excavator.
FECON offers the following models with power units BHP170, BHP250 and BHP350.
The BHP170 offers to your attachment a maximum flow of 61gpm and a maximum pressure of 6000 PSI. The BHP250 can deliver 105 gpm and the BHP350 can provide 140 Gall/min. With a hydraulic power unit FECON, you can add between 60 to 140 gpm to the hydraulic system of a general purpose excavator on which the Bull-Hog is installed. Brochure

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