Excavator Power Pack

FECON ® offers a wide range of hydraulic power units for your excavator.  A hydraulic power unit is a dedicated power source for any application where more hydraulic power is desirable. A 12-ton excavator equipped with a BHP170 can develop more power than a 30-ton excavator, while preserving all the advantages of a smaller excavator.
FECON offers the following models with power units BHP170, BHP250 and BHP350.
The BHP170 offers to your attachment a maximum flow of 61gpm and a maximum pressure of 6000 PSI. The BHP250 can deliver 105 gpm and the BHP350 can provide 140 Gall/min. With a hydraulic power unit FECON, you can add between 60 to 140 gpm to the hydraulic system of a general purpose excavator on which the Bull-Hog is installed. Brochure

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