STUMPEX Attachment 

  • No carbide tools to replace.
  • Low maintenance (Greasing & Sharpening every 1,000 Stumps).
  • Low RPM auger bit (7-16 RPM).
  • Leads to easy clean-up and has no high-speed flying debris for the safer work zone.
  • A fraction of work time compared to conventional stumpers.
  • Mount on skid steers with 20 - 42 GPM.
  • Any species of wood.
  • Bores 20 in into the ground while cutting feeder roots.
  • Durable AR500 steel blades make the stumper tough, even in rocky conditions.
  • Safer than conventional stumpers due to a slow rotation. Video.


       Shear EXC

Fecon® offers for the general purpose excavator three models of shears (FBS1400EXC, FBS1500EXC, and FBS1600EXC) for several capacities of cut (14 in, 15 in and 16 in). Those shears are perfect for all general purpose excavators of 12 tons or more. Whether you work on slopes or ravines, this attachment will fulfil all your needs regarding the harvesting application. Each model is outfitted with very robust hydraulic cylinders to provide an excellent shearing action and a faster cycle time. The steel knives, made in AR400, are adjustable to provide efficient cutting. Brochure



        Shear SS

Fecon® offers two types of tree shears for the compact loaders:
1. With only one acting knife (FBS1400);
2. With double acting knives (FBS1500).
The two models are outfitted with hydraulic cylinders equipped with strong rods to develop a great cutting force and a very fast cycle time. The adjustable knives are made in AR400 steel. Those shears are ideal for thinning and fuels reduction, among other types of removal applications. Brochure



       Soil Hog RFL PTO

Attachment RFL PTO of trademark FECON is suitable for the preparation of agricultural grounds. It is ideal in the mulching of stumps and roots up to 12 Po of depth. Its performances are unequalled in the mixture of wood residues with the ground as well as in the incorporation of stabilization matter or additives to improve the qualities of the ground.
This equipment provides excellent results for the preparation of grounds for the forest biomass (poplar with rapid growth), for the preparation of grounds for the plantation of the Christmas trees or for the incorporation of the organic matter in the ground for the readjustment of the forest territory after forest fire.
The range of soil stabilisation RFL is equipped with rotors of 28in with 40 in diameter and can be put up on farm tractors from 110 to 440 HP for the mulching of in-depth ground of 6 in to 18 in, leaving a homogeneous mixture of organic matter and a quite ventilated ground. Brochure


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