Tools suggested for FAE

KFS 1226

Tooth suggested for FAE mulcher with rotor type C3.

KSI 140

Special bolt M20 for the tooth KFS 1226.


KFS 476

  • Tooth for FAE mulcher with metric thread M24x2.
  • Version with a single bolt.
  • The tooth is provided with carbide for a very long service life and increased fuel economy. 




KFS 542

  • Tooth for FAE mulcher with metric fine M20x1.5.
  • Version with only one bolt.
  • Double carbide of protection offering extremely long life. 






KFS 543

  • Tooth with an innovative design for the  FAE mulcher end with metric thread M20x1.5 .
  • Version with a single bolt.
  • Version with self-sharpening planer carbide. 



  KFS 456

  • Standard Tooth for FAE Attachments with two metric fine threads (M16X1.5)
  • Triple Carbide provides high wear protection and extremely long life. 


KFS 457

  • Tooth for FAE C-Series with special planer carbide;
  • Revolutionary development by KingKong-Tools with self-sharpening carbide;
  • Version with two metric fine threads (M16x1.5). 


KFS 541

  • Tooth for FAE C-Series with additional carbide for extremely high wear protection;
  • Version with two bolts M16x1.5 threads
  • Recommended for extremely abrasive applications on the ground and into the soil. 


KHS 001

  • Holder  with a single bolt for carbide teeth: KFS542, KFS543 and KFS542-P. 

All items of FAE shown on this page are not OEM parts.

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